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May 24, 2001

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Apple and the Flap Over Floppies
Most Macs nowadays do not have a floppy drive. Would this dissuade you from picking an Apple?

Doing the Splits
What does a 7:5 split mean? Anything like a 7-10 split? Get the basics on our Investing Beginners board.

Making an Offer on That New Home
You want your offer to be juuuuust right. Take a look at these tips from the Buying a Home board.

Gorilla Definitions
Do you know the difference between a discontinuous innovation and a disruptive one? They're both important to recognize, so listen up!

The Latest Tips for Your PDA
Want to delete a built-in application on your PDA? Well... you can't, but these helpful Fools will show you how to hide it.

A Cree-ative Alliance
Find out whom it's with, and why it's another indication of Cree's dominance in silicon carbide.

Dell-Intel Rumors: False
Dell has squashed the rumor that Intel's chips will be replaced by AMD's.

The Future Is Not DSL or Cable
Would you believe "FTTH," otherwise known as Fiber to the Home?

Floating Berkshire's Boat
A Fool on the Berkshire board is attempting to evaluate the company's insurance float, and is asking for opinions.