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May 25, 2001

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Why I Think AMD Is Undervalued
An AMD Fool gives six reasons why this chip giant still looks undervalued.

Putting Intel in Focus
Intel Fools are recapping the company's past performance to help gain perspective on what the future may hold.

Microsoft Endures
Despite the onslaught from competitors, naysayers, and the Department of Justice, Microsoft has tripled its market cap and its cash reserves in the last four years. Can investors count on that persistence in the years to come?

Is It Foolish to Finance 100%?
"I am preparing to buy my first home and a 10% down payment will leave me with almost no savings. A financial manager is suggesting I finance 100% of the purchase. Is this a good idea?"

The Mechanics of IRA Investing
"I have been reading and learning about investing, and I think I have a good handle on the basic philosophy of investing for retirement, but at this point, I'm stumped by some of the mechanics of investing." Fools on the Retirement Investing board offer their thoughts.

Micron Wins Rambus Suit
Another court setback leaves Fools on the Rambus board scratching their heads.

The Softer Side of Rule Maker Investing
"I'm puzzled because I'm not sure where to look for things like at least one sustainable competitive advantage." Can you help?

Who Will Fund Metricom?
"Who has the most to gain by funding Metricom? Another telecom reseller? No, I don't think so. How about certain manufacturers of mobile computers? That makes a lot more sense."

Buffett, Cramer, and the Market
"I remember reading a story about the crash of 1987..." Tune into the Berkshire board for a comparison between Jim Cramer and Warren Buffett.

BIOS Fear?
One Fool has a question about his BIOS, another is having hard drive problems. Can you "Help with this STUPID computer"?