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May 29, 2001

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A Krispy Kreme Challenge
What's the justification for Krispy Kreme's current price? One Fool asks investors to provide a meaningful argument for the company's valuation.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference
What's the buzz from the WWDC? A Fool who was there tells all.

Rambus: In Defense of Silence
The management at Rambus has been quieter than some investors might like. One shareholder provides a rationale for the silent treatment.

A Suggestion for Celera
tomheadrick has something to say to the managers of this leading biotech innovator.

Starbucks and Altruism
Coffee prices around the world are plunging, putting Third World farmers in a very difficult position. What's Starbucks' role in supporting the people who grow the company's products?

Who Will Fund Metricom?
"Who has the most to gain by funding Metricom? Another telecom reseller? No, I don't think so. How about certain manufacturers of mobile computers? That makes a lot more sense."

The Best Part of Living Below Your Means
"To me, the best part about LBYM is saving money by not overspending on things that mean less to me so that I can choose to spend more on what is personally significant...."

Reducing Debt Like a Fool
It's a year later, and it's time for a debt-reduction progress report! Who would have thought that paying your bills could be so much fun?

Memorial Day Remembrances
This past weekend the nation paused to honor the soldiers who served in America's wars. In AngelMay's Den, some poignant stories were told.

Looking for Work? Ask the Headhunter!
Polish that resume! Firm up that handshake! If you're looking for a job, this is the place to pose your questions.