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May 30, 2001

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Microsoft Goes AOL Hunting
Microsoft has its sights on AOL's customers. Be vewy vewy quiet.

Analyzing AMD
"So if the market does start to head south, I think AMD has quite a bit farther to fall than Intel." Fools on the AMD board debate.

New Limits on IRAs and 401(k)s
Living Below Your Means Fools discuss how things have changed.

eBay and
eBay's auction count has dropped. How is faring?

AT&T's Annual Shareholders Meeting
"This had to have been the absolute worst meeting I have ever been to." AT&T Fools discuss the happenings.

Ford and Firestone
Is it possible for the two estranged partners to patch things up, or are the dents too deep

Lucent's Merger Logic
"Lucent got caught in a perfect storm that featured a bad stock market, an oversold telecom market, and... weak management that was unprepared to deal with the current set of circumstances."

Painting and Electrical Work
Fools in the Building and Maintaining a Home board go over two difficult areas.

How Much Do You Tell a Realtor?
Fools in the Buying a Home Board debate just how much information you should provide a Realtor about yourself.