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May 31, 2001

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Gateway Takes the Offensive
The computer maker pledges to beat the prices of its major rivals, and a price war may ensue. But is it possible to make a true comparison when buying a computer?

Yahoo's 2% Solution
The company's new CEO is getting enough options that he may one day own 2% of Yahoo! "Does providing so many options to a single man really serve long-term shareholder interest?"

Shakespeare, Bruce Lee, and Buffett
Should we study these masters' mid-game or endgame? At least one Fool thinks we should be paying less attention to what Buffett is doing now, and more to what he did in his "prime."

To Sign or Not to Sign?
Should you sign that little white strip on the back of your credit card? You'll find some rather interesting answers on our Consumer Credit/Credit Cards board.

Krispy Kreme and Wile E. Coyote
"It seems increasingly that short-term investors behave the same way cartoon characters do: They only fall once they notice how high in the air they are."

The Collapse of the Lucent-Alcatel Merger
NewMEman says, "I was never a fan of this merger." Other Fools give their opinions... what's yours?

McNealy Golfs While Sun Sets
Why is the Sun Microsystems CEO so chipper despite a big drop in the company's stock? "Because with the options and salary he has, like many other tech CEOs, he made out really well already whether the share price is at 80 or 16," says one Fool.

Disney's "Pearl Harbor"
"How many critics and media articles have we seen recently wondering if 'Pearl Harbor' would be THE best -- almost as though the writers were wringing their hands with glee in hopes that Disney would fall off its perch."

A "Guy Thing?"
A pregnant Fool takes exception to the marketing messages she's receiving. "They have NO CLUE how many women handle the family finances (or I guess they figure that we're too besotted with bunnies and blankies and booties to care)."