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June 1, 2001

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Should EMC Worry About Hitachi?
Hitachi has been around for years as a storage vendor, so what's new or different that could turn this Japanese company into a threat?

Intel's Itanium Garners Praise
Although its debut was years overdue, some believe Intel's new Itanium chip is definitely worth the wait.

A Different Perspective on AOL's Rate Increase
"The basic view of AOL members has been that they are cheap, ignorant, and lazy. But when they set new records for online spending, what's another $1.95?"

Winedows for Linux?
"Wine" software will allow Linux to run Windows programs. Could this be a threat to Microsoft?

Poking a Hole in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
So what if people camp out at new store openings? One Fool lines up arguments for why he believes Krispy Kreme's valuation has a high sugar content.

Nokia on Edge
Does Nokia's latest attempt to maintain control over the GSM empire "reflect the degree to which Nokia is concerned about major defections to CDMA"?

Free Cash Flow vs. Earnings
"Earnings are often massaged to meet quarterly EPS targets. A penny per share can mean a lot to the Street, but is it going to be a deciding factor to me as an investor?"

CMGI's Engage: One Perspective
An inside look at online advertising and troubles in the Flycast/Engage ad network.

The Art of Asset Allocation
How many retired (or near retired) folks are pure asset allocators, and what is your current asset allocation? One Fool is stymied by his own allocation status.