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June 4, 2001

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New Apple iBooks and Parents
See what happens when a private school unveils the new iBook to parents. The reactions surprised even the administrators.

Microsoft Rolls Out Office XP
Wonderpup takes the Microsoft board along on his hilarious search to be the first one in line for Mr. Softee's latest release.

Should Wal-Mart Follow K-Mart's Lead?
K-Mart's rolling out new self-checkout systems for customers, and Fools on the Wal-Mart board share their thoughts on whether this is the way to go for their company too.

Eye-Opening Pages From the Rambus Court Papers
Fools on the Rambus board are discussing the report from the Monza court-appointed technical council, and are amazed at the different conclusions reached by the experts.

From the Excite@Home Rumor Department
There's never any shortage of rumors when it comes to Excite@Home. Did you hear the one about Microsoft acquiring AT&T?

My Take on Harley-Davidson
"I don't own any shares of Harley-Davidson, but I've been following it for some time and here is my take." One Fool revs up the board with his thoughts.

Intelligent Investors Look at LiquiBox
One Fool crunches some numbers and offers his analysis of LiquiBox in his attempt to garner a better understanding of the company.

Will You Be Subject to an Alternative Minimum Tax?
While celebrating a heftier income, one Fool's concern is whether this might trigger an AMT. Oh, those taxing situations!

Help With This Stupid Computer!
Does your PC need a doctor? Confused about upgrades? This is the board with the answers to make your computer run like buttah!