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June 5, 2001

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Oracle: Down, But Not Out?
Now that Oracle's share price has dropped into the teens, should investors be looking to buy those shares at bargain prices? Or is it really a time for crying?

New Profit for Microsoft?
Are there new sources for profit to be found in Microsoft's research & development efforts? A Business Week article suggests as much.

Rambus and Its Shareholders
aschwebel takes Rambus' investor relations department to task for not being as passionate about the company as its shareholders -- and calls on shareholders to pick up the slack.

If Buffett Played the Ponies
An article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine about a professional horse gambler prompts a Fool to draw some comparisons with Berkshire's Warren Buffett.

Wesco's Intrinsic Value
Buffett student Robert Hagstrom calculates an astronomical intrinsic value for Wesco. Do those numbers make any sense?

Donut Wars
Which is the better donut: Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme? And if the difference is not enough to get excited about, does that mean Krispy Kreme's investors are expecting more than their company can deliver?

Is eBay a Gorilla?
Do eBay's online advantages qualify it as a Gorilla? Investors on the Gorilla Game board debate.

Revisiting Ralph Acampora
Ralph Acampora is hailed on Wall Street as one of its greatest technical analysts -- but a check of his record over the last year reveals some less-than-amazing performance.

The Beauty of Partial Financial Independence
Even if you're still not completely financially independent, there are some advantages to following the trail to that goal.

Talking Baseball
Got a favorite Major League team? Here's the place to talk baseball with your Foolish friends!