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June 13, 2001

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Do You, Uh... Pay?
As Yahoo! tries out new revenue streams, our Fools are trying to determine if anything is working. What have you paid for?

Nokia Phones In an Earnings Warning
The wireless phone giant is seeing a rougher road ahead than previously expected -- and shareholders are searching through company statements for answers.

A Serious Look at Microsoft's Smart Tags
Microsoft's new browser technology will imbed links in Web-page text that the authors of that text never intended, prompting some to charge that this is yet another Microsoft intrusion.

Excite@Home's "Death Spiral" Loan?
Excite@Home is borrowing money -- a fact that has some investors wondering whether the terms of the deal are a sign of desperation.

Krispy Kreme: Great Company, Bad Stock?
A Fool article prompts a discussion of the merits of owning Krispy Kreme. At what point does an attractive company become an overpriced stock?

A Brighter AMD Ahead?
As the market for computer chips looks beyond the current doldrums, some shareholders are looking forward to a rosy future for the company.

Is eBay Turning Away From Its Roots?
As eBay expands into ventures beyond its core business, some Fools wonder whether the company is not staying true to its beginnings as an online auctioneer.

Is International Rectifier a Gorilla?
One Gorilla Gamer poses the question: Is International Rectifier poised to dominate its industry in true Gorilla style?

The "Unbelievable" Pleasures of Zero Debt
Why is it that people think you're strange if you don't have credit card debt?

Fools Within Shouting Distance
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