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June 15, 2001

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GE(E), HON -- Now What?
It looks like the proposed merger between GE and Honeywell is dead in the water. Fools explore what the fallout means to both companies.

Musts for Microsoft
DOJ proceedings, MS Office upgrades... what are the top issues facing Microsoft investors today?

Cisco's Changing Fundamentals
"I totally disagree with statements that Cisco is fundamentally the same company it was five years ago. It may have a strong balance sheet, but the future potential has changed."

Tearing Up Wally?
Fools around the country report that Wal-Mart stores are being torn up to make room for some new electronic offerings. Evidence points to wireless and laptops.

Why Are the Pundits "Piling On" Lucent?
"Being somewhat cynical about the veracity of analysts, I get this feeling that Lucent might not be in as bad a shape as we're led to believe."

Cat and Mouse Investing
The Berkshire Hathaway board toys with an amusing investing theory. Like irrational mice, some investors rationalize all sorts of reasons for sitting in front of the cat's nose.

The End of Console Gaming?
The Apple board discusses the decline in quality of console gaming. Has PC gaming also declined as a result of an increasing number of choices?

Getting Rid of PMI
With rising home values, getting the dreaded PMI payment off your mortgage may be closer than you think. Just be sure to get an appraisal the bank will accept.

Paying Off Debt Is Not a Waste of Money
A Fool is amused by the looks of horror he received when announcing he's spending an unexpected windfall on paying off his credit cards.