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June 19, 2001

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AOL to Bill Gates: No Way
With the talks between Microsoft and AOL Time Warner in collapse, one Fool looks at how AOL's clout has risen to the point where Steve Case can afford to say "no" to Bill.

Losing With Lucent
"I've made the painful decision to sell my shares. It saddens me greatly because it means that I have lost faith in a company that had my loyalty for two years."

A Beginner's Guide to Buffettdom
A new Fool seeks guidance in learning the ways of Warren Buffett.

Blame Blodget for Amazon?
"Blaming Blodget, or Meeker for that matter, is blaming the messenger.... What is at the heart of this question is how firms are allowed to behave in selling securities to the public."

What If You Were Yahoo!'s CEO?
That's the question posed on the Yahoo! board, and Fools are offering their ideas as to what they'd do as captain of the ship.

Advice for First-Time Home Buyer
This prospective home buyer is preapproved, but apprehension looms regarding the credit check. "Should I expect a bumpy road ahead when we're getting final approval for the mortgage? Any advice on how to proceed?"

TMFDawn's Credit Card Happy Dance
Sometimes you've got to take a stand to protect your credit rating. TMFDawn tells how she did it.

One Way to Win the Lotto
It's called the 401(k) Early Retirement Lottery, and your chances of winning are way beyond what you'll get playing PowerBall.