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June 20, 2001

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Mom, Dad, and Their New Mac
"The parents have had the iBook a week. They went into it with zero experience, and here's an update on how they're doing."

Will Intel's 64-Bit CPUs Rule?
"The Athlon/Duron line is made up of good, fast CPUs. but I'm wondering whether things aren't going to shift again when the forthcoming 64-bit CPUs are released."

Quitters Who Win
Do you smoke? Do you want to stop? Join other Fools who are extinguishing the habit on the Quitting Smoking board!

Giving Up on Excite@Home?
"Capitulation" is the word of the day among beleaguered Excite@Home shareholders. But is there enough hope for some investors to keep hanging on?

A Perspective on Krispy Kreme
"Krispy Kreme came public in early 2000 priced at $10.50/share. Taking into account two splits, the current price is approximately $170/share. What happened in 1 1/4 years to warrant such an increase?"

Shorting Affymetrix
As the Rule Breaker Portfolio thinks about shorting Affymetrix, one poster reminds the managers that the stock is a current member of Fool UK's Rule Shaker Portfolio.

What Should Lucent Management Do?
Amidst all the carping about Lucent's mistakes, one Fool challenges the board to come up with their strategies to turn this company around.

Built It, But They Didn't Come
"We were not witness to the dawn of a new dot-com age to which Level 3 was supplying the arms. But will knowing we still have the best network save us later on?"

Pay the Credit Card or the Car Loan?
Say you've got some credit card debt and a car loan, and some extra money to pay down one or the other faster than you are required to. Which do you pay off first?