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June 21, 2001

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Maudlin Moment for Microsoft?
"It seems lately as though everywhere you turn, there's more bad news for Microsoft." Bad omen, or buying opportunity?

More Ford Problems
The replacement tires for the recalled Firestones may be failing at an even higher rate. Can the situation actually worsen?

CMGI CEO: Time to Go?
CMGI offered a lot of lessons to investors this past year. Now some think it's time management pays for its mistakes.

Cell Phone Patents Raise Questions
TMF Czar risks tipping off another debate on whether cell phone RF radiation has any effect on human health.

Berkshire, Mutual Funds, and Me
"The BH model is... this giant cash machine whose cash is used to buy stuff that generates yet more cash by sucking it in through its businesses."

Executive Retirement Packages
The next time you're asked to work uncompensated overtime, ponder this.

Time to Upgrade AvantGo
Do you get the Fool and other Internet content on your PDA? One of our members says of the latest AvantGo upgrade: "I noticed that the compression rate of sites that are being downloaded to the PDA is much higher."

What Should You Know About Buying a Foreclosure?
"We're looking at buying our first home, and a real estate agent told us the only downside of a foreclosure is that you have be ready to buy because the properties go quickly. What else do I need to know?"

A Child's Party the LBYM Way
Leave it to the Fools on the Living Below Your Means board to know how to throw a successful children's birthday party without going broke!