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June 26, 2001

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Has Intel been Toying with AMD?
"Has anybody noticed that Intel has been slowly weaning off AMD one thing at a time for years, hoping to keep AMD down but not out to keep the FTC happy?"

Conversations With a Disney Store Manager
A visit to a local Disney Store leads to a discussion about the future of Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

Is a Takeover in the Cards for Nortel?
With Nortel's market cap severely depressed, one Fool suggests it might be ripe for a takeover. Would that be the best outcome for weary shareholders?

Knowing Your Nokia
What could go wrong for Nokia? It's an exercise a savvy shareholder should perform in order to get to know the company better.

Digging Deep into the Rambus Litigation
Who are the lawyers in the Rambus patent litigation? And what could knowing this cast of characters tell us about the prospects for the trial?

We're Ready to Retire... But Can We?
This Fool is unhappy at her job and ready to take the plunge. Fools on the Retire Early board discuss whether the idea is Foolish.

How Should I Save for That New Home?
"I don't know the first thing about going about buying a home. But since I have now reached 25, I figure it's a good idea to start planning for that eventuality." Fools offer up some Foolish advice for first-timers.

Raising a Baby on One Paycheck
When the baby comes, one parent will be staying home to care for the new arrival. How do you cut back to one paycheck when you're already used to two?, Discounted Cash Flow, and Security Analysis
Followers of Benjamin Graham's "Security Analysis" are examining discounted cash flow analysis and it's odd application for valuing in a popular book on the subject.

Are You a Linux User?
Find the answers to your nagging Linux OS questions on the Linux User's Group board!