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June 27, 2001

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Compaq's Newest Overhaul
Fools on the Dell board are calling Compaq's transformation a desperate move. "If CPQ is giving up on the PC business, how far behind can IBM and HP be?"

Looking at eBay's Revenue
As the quarter draws to a close, it's time to get out the handy-dandy eBay Auction Count Revenue Model. What is it calling for this time?

Disney's Atlantis Moves to the Small Screen
So what's wrong with exploiting a product line? "There is a belief at Disney that pop culture isn't just what people want, it is what marketers give them."

What's the Future for Excite@Home?
"I have @Home service and it's great, but how is the company to make any money?"

In Search of "The Real Thing" in China
After a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, this Fool noices a heavy presence of the competition, but not much Coca-Cola to be found.

UPS Wins a Windfall
A Court of Appeals ruling that overturned a punitive tax case against UPS means the company has an extra $1.8 billion in its pockets. How should it spend the cash?

Rambus Chips in Demand
Consumers are warming to the benefits of the P4/RDRAM combination, according to this report from the sales floor of a major retailer.

Mortgages in Cyberspace: A Safe Route?
Fools on the Buying a Home board are sharing their experience and advice on Internet lenders. What should prospective buyers know?

"I'd Like To Thank All the Fools..."
Two years and $38,000 later, this Fool is debt-free and says he owes it all to the TMF Credit Card board for showing him the way!

Debt Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
"I just discovered the biggest threat to my Foolish goals is ME!" Sometimes it's the little things that create big setbacks.