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June 28, 2001

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Rate Cut Rantings
"The 1/4 pt. rate cut was probably the best course of action that the feds could have given, and here's why..."

Should AMD Make the Boxes Too?
"It seems to me there is great potential for profitability in the creation of an AMD-Only PC company..."

eBay and Options
Are eBay's employee stock options costing shareholders money?

Is Buffett Making Lemonade?
"Buffett didn't walk into USG blindly... So something else is up. Think out of the box."

On JDSU and Bubbles
Follow along as Fools ponder the future of JDSU, telecoms, and broadband.

XP and Piracy
Microsoft Windows XP will ship with a mechanism that discourages piracy... but at what cost to consumer convenience?

What Happens When Your Accountant Goofs Your Return?
Who's responsible when your accountant errs and the taxman cometh? Fools on the Tax Strategies board clear up this taxing problem.

A Belt Case for Your PDA
A Fool is looking for the perfect belt case for his new Visor. Any suggestions?

Handle With Care
Does that "special offer" sound like a great deal? If so, better check the shipping and handling charges!

Fools Within Shouting Distance
Looking for a Fool near you? Try our Folly in the 50 States!