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June 29, 2001

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Microsoft-1, Judge Jackson-0
MSFT won't be breaking up just yet, according to the appeals court. Fools dissect the ruling that both affirmed and reversed the district court findings.

AOL Partners Up With Ma Bell
AT&T is making a deal with AOL to offer wireless email and other services, and Fools wonder what "You've Got Bell" might mean going forward.

Telecom's Bursting Bubble
"Massive layoffs in the telecom industry are killing the growth of the fibre optic industry," declares a JDSU Fool who expects the company's recovery to take 2-3 years.

Can You Think Like an Analyst?
"Being an analyst requires thinking like an analyst, and that turns out to be a lot harder than it seems." A Fool on the RMBS board offers an easy quiz to find out if you have what it takes.

Income Ideas for the Early Retired
Retiring early doesn't have to mean the end of income. Fools on the Retire Early board share their ideas for enjoying free time while still bringing in the bucks.

Home (Not So) Sweet Home
Two Fools have found a house after a 3-month search, but it's not the dream home they were seeking. As the Cowardly Lion said, "There's just one thing I want you fellas to do. Talk me out of it!"

How To Talk To Mom About Money
The Women & Investing board explores some non-threatening ways to get a parent to open up about their financial status.

What Kind of Boss Do You Have?
Fools discuss how to handle an extra workload given by a clueless manager.