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July 2, 2001

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Will Beating the Estimates Be Enough for Krispy Kreme?
Gordon66 points out that when a high flyer like PALM "only" beat consensus estimates, it was punished the next day by the markets. Does the same fate await the donut king?

A Lucent Financial Model
BenGrahamMan is working on a financial model for Lucent and puts it to the LU board for Foolish review and comment.

Microsoft Arguments Miss the Point
"The purpose of splitting up Microsoft was not to prevent them from integrating applications, components, or features into their operating system, but to force them to make the technical details of how this is done available to the public."

Is it Time for a New Apple Ad Campaign?
"The Think Different campaign was successful, however it was directed at those of us who see ourselves as different. Now maybe it's time for a change."

Disney's Disappearing Magic
A former "cast member" pines for the good ol' days at Disney. "Now the magic is down to the almighty dollar, and Eisner in the same sentence announces cutbacks and takes millions of dollars in bonuses."

Take a Walk On the Supply Side
"3-G is a marketing strategy that says to consumers you need to buy this because it is revolutionary, and so far the marketing strategy is leaving a lot of egg on faces."

Is First-Mover Status Overrated?
A new study suggests companies that are first to market are more likely to fail. Find out why on the Rule Breaker Strategies board!

A Mom's LBYM Point of View on Dining Out
Fools on the LBYM board have opinions on everything. One Mom posts her thoughts on how eating out once a week helps to save her sanity.

Help With This STUPID Computer!
Does your PC need a doctor? Are you confused about upgrades? This is the board with the answers to make your computer run like buttah!