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July 16, 2001

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Reflecting on AMD
With some good old-fashioned reflection, one Fool makes a clear case as to why he believes AMD is the right investment for the long term.

What iWant in the Next iMac
Mac enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next release from Apple, and Fools are getting to the core issues of what they'd like to see included. What would be in your perfect Mac?

What's the McProblem With McDonald's?
"These are just some of the things I think are wrong with McDonald's. For McDonald's to recognize these things in their study gives me hope for the future of the stock, and I'm hanging in there."

Penchant for Pensions
So what happens if you have a pension from a previous employer, and you've gone off on your own? Do you know what your options are? That's what one Fool on the Retirement Investing board wants to know, and he's getting the answers.