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July 17, 2001

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Reading Krispy Kreme
You can get a lot out of a careful reading of a company's 10-Q. One Fool takes a long look at Krispy Kreme, and shares the results.

Nokia's Margin of Safety
Nokia's sales growth came to a screeching halt this year. In hindsight, could investors have determined an adequate margin of safety to avoid that kind of whipsaw?

Has Microsoft Put a Stop to Piracy?
Has Microsoft finally overcome the piracy issue with its new Office XP? And will that mean a fatter top line for the software giant?

Science and Celera's Business Plan
Fools on our Celera board are debating business plans: "In a company that is working to capitalize on a new science that it was instrumental in developing, there can be no clear direction, no firm business plan."