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August 6, 2001

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The Changing Face of eBay
Does the huge increase in big corporate sellers indicate a gold rush is going on? Fool swapusa thinks that we are witnessing an "eBay Tornado" right now.

Are Drug Companies Victims of Their Own Success?
Here's a radical suggestion: require companies like Pfizer to split into two completely independent entities, one non-profit and one for-profit, in order to separate the profit motive behind new drug development.

Berkshire's XTRAordinary Yield
Berkshire Hathaway Fools are evaluating the future after-tax cash flow of XTRA Corp, balancing its potential yield against the cost of acquisition. Was this an advantageous move for Berkshire?

To Short or Not To Short?
The debate continues over TMFTom9's recent Rule Breaker column on the future of Research Frontiers. Could it be a risky short at this stage of the company's developments?