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August 16, 2001

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Apple Logo Lament
Fools on the Apple board want to know why the company isn't making it easier for MacHeads to sport their favorite logo while advertising their favorite brand. C'mon, Apple -- Think Different!

Is It Over for AOL?
For AOL shareholders thinking that it might be time to bail, one Fool asks, "What other company has the potential to be the Wal-Mart of the Internet?"

AMD: Good Product, Bad Management
"AMD is being run by a bunch of myopic technical whizzes who have only the most elementary grasp of how to run the business end of things," argues one Fool. Is this what is keeping the company from making faster progress against Intel?

Home on the Range
Gas or Electric? Freestanding or slide-in? There's a lot to think about when buying new appliances, and Fools on the Buying and Maintaining a Home board are cooking up their opinions on the best range to buy.