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By Ann Coleman (TMF AnnC)

RESTON, VA (Nov. 2, 1999) -- The recent Dow changes stimulated a flurry of creativity and sound thinking on our message board, which is blessed with both of those attributes at all times, but perhaps a bit more so last week.

Here are just some (honestly, I couldn't begin to list them all!) really wonderful posts that went up after the Dow change was announced.

Before we go to the messages, though, here are a few tips on message board mechanics and etiquette for those who aren't familiar with this incredible resource:

  1. If you are just perusing the board, you might find it most useful to click on Threaded (near the top). That will sort the board by topic with the responses listed immediately. It's much easier to follow a train of thought that way, or to skip subjects you aren't interested in.

  2. To get to the beginning of a discussion, simply click on the title in the Subject line and you will go to the first post on that subject.

  3. Everyone is welcome to post, but you will need to register first. It's quick, easy, and free.

  4. If you have a question, before you post it, skim the listing of posts from the last several weeks or Dave Goldman's fabulous FAQ. Chances are good that someone has already asked something similar.
OK, here's a list of posts that are very much worth reading.

On the Dow Change:

The Sky is Not Falling by John3haha #27110

Re: Goodyear dropped from the index by DowDanny # 26939

On Sears and Goodyear:

You have not lost money yet! by gridert #27173

Re: Waiting for Ann by synchronicity # 26894

Comforting words re Dow Change by Savta #27224
...and response by Vtaoe # 27226

Re: Help, panic... by Merlinvin #26972

Viability of Foolish Four Strategy -- A Terrific Debate:
Re: Not impressed by macthor #26911
...and response by horlander #26912
...and response by Amedia #26961

Still Not Impressed by JCMahoney #27036
...and response by synchronicity #27049
...and response by vtaoe # 27231

My Favorites (I suggest reading slowly):

Musings by the Bard by PhoebeCat # 27077
...and # 27079

Yep, the board is like this all the time, although not always quite so fecund.

Fool on and prosper!

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