Dueling Fools

Dueling Fools

Apple Jack'd
Apple Computer Price (11/9/99): $89 5/8

November 10, 1999

Yesterday, shares of Apple Computer (Nasdaq: AAPL) fell sharply on a Salomon Smith Barney downgrade. Then again, what did Sir Isaac Newton do when he came across a falling apple? That's right, he made the most out of the situation -- after wolfing down a couple of aspirins I imagine. Newton took the incident and used it as a platform for groundbreaking scientific work.

We? Well? We'll Duel. That's right. Revolutionary standards also fall victim to gravity. So we give you Bill Barker (TMF Max) and Chris Rugaber (TMF RFK) who will each take opposing bites out of Apple.

Once you've digested the juicy computer maker's Duel, check out our Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER) Duel Flashback to see who made the right call.

You Get to Vote!

Once you've read the arguments and the rebuttals, it's your time to cast your vote. We'll tabulate results each week and revisit them from time to time to see whether you were right! As always, we invite you to join us in the Dueling Fools Message board to continue the duel.

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The Bull...
Apple Computer is back -- and back with a vengeance. Holders of Apple stock have seen their shares more than quintuple in value in the last year and a half, the company remains the top seller of computers in the educational market and is the top seller in Japan, and, most importantly, Apple is finally gaining market share of the entire U.S. computer market.
The Bear...
To be a worthwhile long-term investment, Apple needs to expand its market share and revenue base. At this point, it has had only limited success in doing so. If you're going to invest in a PC manufacturer, why choose one with less market share and slower growth than leaders like Dell or Gateway?

Results for the AOL Duel

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TMF Jeff's Bull argument


TMF Edible's Bear argument


They were both excellent


They were both lame