Dueling Fools Gotta Duel 'em All
4Kids Entertainment
Price (12/21/99): $33 1/8

December 22, 1999

Do you Pikachu? As Pokemon critters race their way up holiday wish lists, there is no merrier soul than 4Kids Entertainment (Nasdaq: KIDE). As the licensing agent for the popular property, the company is glowing brighter than a victim of Pikachu's electric blasts.

Of course, not all Fools see 4Kids the same way. Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) is bullish on the stock while Bill Mann (TMF Otter) is that 152nd Pokemon, the bear-shaped, pessimistic one.

So, take out your Pokeballs. In the spirit of Foolanthropy (and time is running out for this year's drive) we give you this Duel. The battle is about to begin!

When the bout is complete, nurse your Pokemon back to health while checking out our Duel Flashback segment on financial software: Quicken vs. Money.

The Bull...
For thematic effect, and just to tick Bill off, I am going to tackle this like an aspiring Pokemon trainer. There's more to 4Kids than Pokemon. I'll touch on that later. Still, it's obvious that 4Kids' licensing rights outside of Asia for the popular characters have fueled the past year of share price action here.
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The Bear...
4Kids, for all of its other properties, is a one-trick pony. And that trick is Pokemon, a property that 4Kids neither owns nor controls. The company receives no revenue from video games released by Nintendo, which are the biggest-ticket items, and more importantly, the ones that drive the popularity of every other Pokemon item. Therein lies the rub for 4Kids.
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