Dueling Fools Below Costco
Costco Price (3/7/00): $45 3/8

March 8, 2000

With more than 300 locations, Costco (Nasdaq: COST) has grown the warehouse club niche. It has also grown portfolio values. The popular retailer is a member of the NOW 50 and the Boring Portfolio.

But Foolish consensus is never purchased in bulk. This week, Chris Rugaber (TMF RFK) and Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) are Dueling Fools. Chris is a fan while Rick ponders if the company should be selling fans in the first place.

Who is right? Why not vote for your favorite when you're done. Then, if you want to know what we have "Inside," check out our Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) Duel Flashback.

The Bull Argument...
Costco is a nearly flawless retail machine, and has methodically increased sales, earnings, and market share, while branching out into new product lines and expanding geographically. Over the years, sales per store have increased, sales per customer have increased, the number of units has profitably increased, and the company has successfully expanded abroad.
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The Bear Argument...
Costco was a great growth story. Now it is just a solid, mature concept. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that. For a company, it is a very respectable feat. For a stock, you just don't pay 40 times for what Costco's future holds.
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