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McDonald's Price (5/9/00): $37

You deserve a Duel today! This week, a drive-thru bout awaits as Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) and Bill Barker (TMF Max) take a closer look at McDonald's (NYSE: MCD).

Are the Golden Arches tarnished? Rick doesn't think so. Bill, on the other hand, thinks them arches are made of fool's gold -- not Fool's Gold. What do you think lies in store for the world's largest restaurant chain?

Eat up! And, once you've read the offerings and placed your order, check out our Duel Flashback. This week we log back on to our America Online (NYSE: AOL) contest.

The Bull Argument...
Ultimately, McDonald's stock is a lot like one of its own Value Meals. It's cheap and satisfying. Sure, the company will deal with the same labor issues and quarterly taste fluctuations that every company must deal with. However, it is one of those awesome all-weather companies that have proven resilient in all economic climates. In good times and bad, McDonald's provides great value for the ever-growing home meal replacement market.
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The Bear Argument...
Actually, when you're talking about the domestic side of the operation, McDonald's is pretty much already in all or most of the great locations that it is ever going to have. Having been building aggressively since the 1950s, most of the good spots are long gone. Though McDonald's still has a bit of growth left in it, that growth is coming through building new establishments at more and more marginal spots.
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