Dueling Fools Sony Side Up
Sony (9/26/00): $109

September 27, 2000

Is Sony (NYSE: SNE) a four-letter word? The consumer electronics giant is definitely a household word, but does it belong in your house as an investment? Not all Fools agree.

This week Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) and Barbara Eisner Bayer (TMF Venus) are Dueling Fools. Rick is bullish on the company while Barbara is looking to flick off the power switch.

So tune in. Check out what Rick and Barbara have to say -- and then their rebuttals. Then check out our Duel Flashback feature, where we hit the call recall feature to take a look back at AT&T (NYSE: T).

The Bull Argument...
In short, Sony is huge. Sony is everywhere you think it is. Sony is everywhere you think it is not. To put this into one final perspective, let's get into how dominating Sony is in cashing in on the human life experience.
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The Bear Argument...
Investors who believe "the trend is your friend" will find Sony an enemy. Analysts expect a decline in 2001 profits of 81.5%. Ouch. While they expect the trend to reverse in 2002, I'd say that's a long way off. Too many unforeseeable events -- like an unstable yen, increased competition, or problems with new products -- can perpetuate the trend downward.
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