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Dueling Fools

February 7, 2001

Is Enron (NYSE: ENE) a sleepy utility or a vibrant market maker? Is it both? Not all Fools agree.

This week Paul Commins (TMF Buster) and David Langford are Dueling Fools. Paul believes the FOOL 50 component might energize your portfolio, while Dave is thinking more in terms of a California blackout. We've got arguments. We've got rebuttals. Then we've got you -- and your vote.

Bull Argument...
What if I told you about a leading B2B Net market maker with a classic, Net-centered, new-economy business model that managed to return 21% over the past 12 months of hype-resistant stock markets. Oh, by the way, this company also features old-economy revenues, muscle, and influence. Interested?
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Bear Argument...
I can't believe we're even discussing a utility. A utility! Just look at their track record. As the 1980s kicked off, utility stocks were 25% of the S&P 500. Now? Less than 7%. Energy stocks? As a percentage of their weight of the S&P, they've been cut in half over the same period.
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