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Dueling Fools

February 14, 2001

Orange you glad? Mighty home improvement superstore Home Depot (NYSE: HD) has built an amazing foundation since its 1978 debut. But is it sturdy enough for the future? Not all Fools agree.

This week Mike Trigg (TMF Tonto) and Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) are Dueling Fools. Mike likes what the FOOL 50 component is building, while Rick's packing a wrecking ball. We've got arguments. We've got rebuttals. Then we've got you -- and your vote.

Bull Argument...
Home Depot is the leading home improvement retailer in the United States. As of last month, the company had 1,134 stores, ranging from its flagship Home Depot locations to EXPO Design Centers. The company boasts a dominant market share of 17%, nearly twice that of its nearest competitor. Plus over the past five years, sales and earnings have grown 28% and 25%, respectively.
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Bear Argument...
Fat times. Lean times. It was always Home Depot time. But now we know that it was all some sugary myth. We were led to believe that the company could stack strong comps on top of heady expansion and grow forever. We were misled on both fronts.
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