Dueling Fools AT&T for Two
AT&T Price (3/13/01): $23.34

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Dueling Fools

March 14, 2001

Is it time to make a call on AT&T (NYSE: T)? The stock has come off the hook in recent months, but not all Fools feel that this is a ring worth answering. Welcome to another week of Dueling Fools!

Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) likes the telco giant while Chris Rugaber (TMF Chris) thinks the only party dialing collect will be the creditors. Is it a good connection? Read on.

Bull Argument...
Information. Communication. These are things that have only gotten more valuable through the years. AT&T has found a way to be a bigger part of it. From its nearly 60,000 route miles of fiber optic cable to its cellular-ready demeanor, it's all in AT&T's hands -- and those hands are rifling through your pockets.
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Bear Argument...
If companies were to issue want ads for shareholders, AT&T's might look like this: "Huge, ailing corporation, saddled by gargantuan debt and rusty assets, with a squabbling board of directors; planning complex split into four pieces later this year. Seeks investors to prop up share price that has fallen 55.8% since Jan. 1, 2000."
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