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  • 04/22/98 -- Iomega Contest Winners
    Find out who won the Iomega CEO contest and read some of the great post that the Fool received.
  • 04/21/98 -- Microsoft Versus the World
    It sometimes seems like Microsoft is a lone soul fighting the entire world. In this special feature, Jim Surowiecki investigates the company and antitrust law.
  • 04/14/98 -- The Beardstown Blunder
    Everyone seems to have an opinion about the Beardstown Ladies' error, including us Fools.
  • 04/09/98 -- Is Mac Back?
    McDonald's may not have the tastiest food out there, but it has something. Jim Surowiecki takes a closer look at the Golden Arches.
  • 04/09/98 -- March Retail Sales
  • 04/07/98 -- Iomega Hiring...
    Iomega is in the market for a new CEO and it could very well be you. Tell us what you'd do as CEO and you might win a $2000 brokerage account from Web Street Securities.
    Contest ends Monday, April 13, 1998
  • 04/02/98 -- 1998 April Fools Special



  • 02/26/98 -- The Fool in Slate
    Airline Deregulation's Fair-Weather Friends The last thing the major airlines want is real competition.
  • 02/24/98 -- G-Man & the Fed
    Who is Alan Greenspan, and why do the markets hang on his every word?
  • 02/19/98 -- The Fool in Slate
    What Psychic Friends Didn't See...The downfall of the Psychic Friends Network: what Dionne and her friends didn't see.
  • 02/12/98 -- The Fool in Slate
    Amassing media properties doesn't build value--especially when the entertainment field itself is in decline.
  • 02/12/98 -- Stocks Fools Love
    Fools share the stocks that are closest to their hearts.
  • 02/09/98 -- Changes at AOL
    Internet service provider will raise prices and reposition management.
  • 02/06/98 -- The Fool in Slate
    The Taming of the Barbarians...How a rapacious leveraged-buyout firm became a positive force in the corporate economy.
  • 02/05/98 -- January 1998 Retail Sales


  • 01/30/98 -- The Fool in Slate
    The Commoditization Conundrum It isn't pure competition but the fear of it that drives companies to compete.
  • 01/30/98 -- A Thing Called GDP
    Alex Schay explains what GDP is and what it means to Foolish investors.
  • 01/22/98 -- Asian About-Face, the Fool in Slate
    Why the Asian tigers' favorite admirers don't love them anymore. -- Motley Fool in Slate.
  • 01/15/98 -- The Fool in Slate
    How the unfair and little known practice of "spinning" IPOs hurts investors and causes market inefficiencies.
  • 01/08/98 -- December Retail Sales
  • 01/06/98 -- Apple Shines at MacWorld
    Apple gains big after announcing an expected Q1 profit.
  • 01/02/98 - Jerry Departs
    With Seinfeld in it's last season, the networks should be taking notice. Jim Surowiecki explains in this Fool on the Hill encore performance.
  • 12/23/97 -- Best & Worst of 1997
    Find out which stocks won big and which ones did not.