Jaunting Jesters

A Foolish Holiday Weekend Diversion

Meet the Chesters. They are a clan that has taken to sending off very unusual letters to respectable public companies. Sometimes they even get responses! We are still not entirely sure what these self-proclaimed Jaunting Jesters are all about. Other than unleashing a bit of merriment over this long weekend, we are not even sure if this misguided family is tame. So, read the Chesters, but please don't feed the Chesters.

Why they have sent off these missives in the first place remains a mystery. One can only hope that by representing individual investors seeking answers they can inspire us to break down any pre-conceived notions that Corporate America is untouchable. Granted, you and I will hopefully ask more coherent questions when inspiration swells, but can the lesson here possibly be that the power of the one can ultimately fuel the power of the many? No?

Like the 37 shares they perpetually desire to acquire -- the Chesters are an odd lot. Rumor has it that Jerry, Selena, and Rick Chester are the ill-advised alter-egos of Jerry Thomas (TMF Cheeze), Selena Maranjian (TMF Selena), and Rick Munarriz (TMF Edible) when they are not wearing their Be Foolish T-shirts. Under regressive hypnosis they seem to have some vague recollections of the misdeeds. We have found marshmallow hearts wedged into the ridged soles of Selena's running shoes.

Ultimately, the self-deprecating trio hopes you enjoy the collection. It was personal admiration that drew these half-baked Fools to write to these companies specifically, so beyond hoping for a mutual sense of humor, feel free to check out the respective message boards to continue a more sensible discussion. But, for now, the Jaunting Jesters are packing the car -- with cucumber sandwiches even -- and a passenger seat waits for you.

Letters to:
-- Amazon.com
-- General Mills
-- 3Dfx
-- General Electric

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