This Year I Vow To...

Make More Money

No need for a resume makeover. This year, you can make more out of the money you already have. Use the power of the stock market to make your money multiply faster. Using the stock market's average return during this century, a $1,000 initial investment grows like this:

1 year:
10 years:
20 years:
30 years:
40 years:
50 years:

Feeling flush yet?

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Be average. If that sounds absurd, just peruse the numbers above one more time. If you've got five years or longer before you need your investment reserves, an index mutual fund — which merely tracks the market's average returns — may be the first, last, and even only investment you need. It's easy to invest in one. What are you waiting for, Mr. Moneybags?

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The path to market-beating returns is paved with individual stocks. For specific investment ideas, see what's catching the eye of Fool founders David and Tom Gardner. Their monthly Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter offers education, insight, and a few old-fashioned brotherly arguments about stocks.

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Get thee to an index mutual fund: The first investment you need to get your illustrious investment career on track is an index mutual fund. Start now.

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