This Year I Vow To...

Spend Less

Spend less? Puhleeeze. You might as well ask us to cut out the carbs or quit smoking. At least, there are support groups to help kick those vices. When a case of "the wants" comes on, where's the Spending Patch? Hey, that's not such a bad idea....

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In fact, let's run with it. Print out this handy Spend Smarter Patch. Wrap it around your credit or debit card and, in moments of weakness, it'll help curb the urge to splurge.

No spendaholics program would be complete without a place to check in with like-minded peers. We've got a virtual support group of thousands of Fools rooting for you. The Living Below Your Means discussion board is chock full of folks sharing money-saving ideas and support on mending one's spendthrift ways.

Finally, get the practical, individual guidance you need to create and stick to an optimized budget. TMF Money Advisor offers one-on-one attention from an unbiased Ayco financial advisor, along with all of The Motley Fool's Online Seminars and How-To Guides. And best of all, it's free for 30 days if you sign up now!

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If you're going to spend, do so responsibly. Pick a credit card — whether it's our Motley Fool Credit Card or someone else's — that'll help you manage your money responsibly. Find one that carries no annual fee, has a year-end spending summary, offers a perk that you'll use (such as airline miles, cash back, or a 0% balance transfer if you're carrying debt), and with a grace period that won't leave you sprinting to the mailbox every month.

And if you've been wearing the numbers off your credit cards, find out how to check — and improve — your credit rating in our new online seminar, FICO 850: Achieve Perfect Credit.

Resolution ToolsResolution Tools

Curb your urge to splurge: Construct this Spend Smarter Patch and watch your spending cravings dissipate.

Check in with a support group: Weigh in with others on the Living Below Your Means discussion board. Share your money triumphs and struggles.

Carry a credit card that cares: Really? Heck, yeah! Check out our Motley Fool Credit Card and see for yourself. Having a court jester peer at your every purchase may do wonders for your stop-spending resolve.

Pump up your credit rating: Your reputation is on the line and you'd better pay attention to your credit score — because everyone else is. Find out how in FICO 850: Achieve Perfect Credit.

Nail down a practical plan: The Motley Fool's TMF Money Advisor helps you retrench. And it's on sale! Free for 30 days, including all our discussion boards and seminars. You can accomplish a lot in 30 days...