This Year I Vow To...

Retire in Comfort

Statistics show that two-thirds of us have never attempted to calculate how much we'll need for a comfortable retirement. A shocking 15% haven't even saved a dime for that fateful day. Our goal in the next 15 minutes is to get you well ahead of the retirement preparation curve. We've already helped more than 13,000 people plan ahead to make sure retirement is the carefree romp it should be.

The quickest way to address your unique situation is to hire a financial advisor. Can't afford $300 an hour? We've got a deal for you: talk to an Ayco financial advisor one-on-one and explore your many retirement options when you subscribe to The Motley Fool's TMF Money Advisor. Just now, it's free for 30 days!

Start NowStart Now

Feeling generous towards your future self? Then up the contribution to your work retirement plan (401(k), 403(b), or whatever Mr. Boss provides). Jot yourself a note right now to ask your human resources department for the proper contribution change form. It's painless in the short term, and quite fortuitous in the long term. Even just a few percentage points' increase will make quite a difference to your 65-year-old self.

Next StepNext Step

Don't stop now. With visions of retirement dancing in your head, go with the momentum and give your retirement savings a bonus gift. Send an IRA contribution check to your brokerage account for the year 2003. Don't have an IRA set up yet? What are you waiting for? Now re-run those cocktail napkin calculations. See, you're already making progress.

Resolution ToolsResolution Tools

Up your retirement contribution: "Dear Employer, I am going to start saving more for my future." Contact your HR department now and get the wheels in motion.

Insist on an index mutual fund: If your work retirement plan does not have an index fund investment option, insist on one! Here's a pre-written letter to print out, sign, and send.

Compare fees, and bells and whistles of the sponsors in our IRA Center. Then write out a check and send yourself a heartfelt thank-you card.

Build the retirement you've dreamed of: it's easy with the tools that come with The Motley Fool's TMF Money Advisor. Get one-on-one advice and all the power of The Fool in your corner, free for 30 days!