The Motley Fool Launches FOOLottery!

An Announcement from Co-Founders David and Tom Gardner

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"A Wise man turns chance into good fortune." -- Thomas Fuller

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Dear Fellow Fools,

For years at and in our Simon & Schuster books, we have been stern critics of state lotteries. State governments prey upon the poor and ignorant, enticing them to hand over their money with advertising messages like "You Gotta Play to Win." That's a shameful embarrassment coming from public servants and elected officials who are (reminder, folks!) tasked with improving the lives of the people they oversee.

FACT: For every dollar that citizens are gulled into paying into the lottery, only 50 cents ever gets paid back. What's laughable to us is that the states defend themselves by supposedly "channeling" that money into "public education"...

... how very ironic,when one considers that any truly well-educated person recognizes that 50% payouts are a raw deal!

The Motley Fool is about to change all that.

Today, we're running state lotteries out of business with the introduction of... FOOLottery!®, presenting you a chance to win tens of millions of dollars over the next day and giving you your first ticket free. Play here, now.

So, how will we do it?:

  • Bigger payouts
  • Better odds
  • Faster rewards
  • No money down
  • And your satisfaction guaranteed
    (And real revenues for meaningful causes. See below.)

Here's what makes this newest offering from The Motley Fool so special:

We've got world-record breaking payouts. State lotteries, PowerBall", and other offline lotteries make much of their large purses, but they've got nothing on FOOLottery!'s expected payouts. With our global reach and The Motley Fool's 57 million worldwide members, we expect purses up to $500 million or even $1 billion (the largest ever) in years hence.

We've stacked the odds 110% in your favor. Fifty percent payouts from the state lottery are a rip-off. It's a bear market every day with regular players losing tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime. FOOLottery! reverses that. We pay out 110%, which means that for every dollar put in, players win back $1.10. Our average player will profit, and our winners will make a fortune.

Winners are crowned right away. No more waiting around to see which semi-employed carnival worker will come forward with his winning ticket. FOOLottery! christens winners throughout the day. Simply click our Today's Winners link at the top of this page every hour to see if you've won up to $250,000!

We float you your tickets. Thanks to the celebrated "Play Now, Pay Later" technology -- dubbed one of the "25 Technologies to Change Our World" by TechMan magazine (March 2005) -- you can get in the FOOLottery! game right away at the click of a few mouse buttons. Play now, pay us later.

We guarantee you'll have fun. As with every Motley Fool service, if you're not totally satisfied with your FOOLottery! experience, simply request a pro-rated refund. No questions asked.

TODAY ONLY!: Free tickets with referrals. Our BUDDIBonus® program rewards frequent players with free tickets. To celebrate the FOOLottery! launch, today we're giving away up to five (5) free tickets when you refer friends to our new service. On your lottery form provide e-mail addresses of up to five (5) friends and you'll get a free ticket for each spouse, parent, friend or co-worker you tell about FOOLottery!

For 12 years, The Motley Fool and its award-winning website,, have helped tens of millions of people around the world make better financial decisions. We are joined by our board, our employees, our investors and you, our customers, when we say that we are very excited about bringing this dynamic offering to the world.

Our company president Scott Schedler told NBC News today, "This lottery will literally change the world. We're expecting over 25 million players worldwide on our first day, as the power of The Motley Fool's viral marketing and Internet word-of-mouth is brought to bear on the best lottery in the world."

Importantly, a portion of lottery proceeds will be used to benefit the Fool's domestic charitable partner, Bereft.

All media inquiries welcomed. Contact Wallace Sanders, Fool VP of Lottery Media (email: for availability or comment. As always, we value your input. Click here to tell us what you think!

You have two options at this point:

Fool on!

David and Tom Gardner