Nearly 10 Million Play FOOLottery!

Players from Philly to Phoenix, Denver to Calcutta, are playing� and winning!

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Dear Fools,

Why didn't we think of this sooner!? Why didn't we create FOOLottery! years ago?

That was the hue and cry in the hallowed halls of Fooldom in Alexandria, Virginia, this morning after your amazing response to our first foray into the lottery space. In just a few short hours, FOOLottery! has shattered even the most optimistic of forecasts, far outpacing our past Foolanthropy efforts.

It's time for you to play too -- click here!

RaeAnne Murdock has already won $50,000! (Read all about it.)

You like FOOLottery!... you really like FOOLottery! As of this writing, some 8.6 million players have already locked in their numbers. (Player note: The most popular numbers thus far are 4, 8, and T.) From Philadelphia to Phoenix, from Denver to Calcutta, as far away as Sri Lanka (thank you, Chandrika), FOOLottery! has been met with a global embrace.

"The spectacular early returns will enable our FOOLottery! division to expand its footprint and improve service to players around the world," said Wallace Sanders, VP of Lottery Media. "The lifeblood of any lottery is promotion. The lifeblood of FOOLottery! is our community of players. With our patented BUDDIBonus! System, where players earn free tickets for each referral, we've successfully married word-of-mouth marketing and big winnings for the people who matter most -- you, our Fools."

Indeed, it is you, our longtime Motley Fool members, to whom we owe our deepest gratitude. Your high standards, countless ideas, relentless questioning, and constant checks and balances pushed us to find innovative ways to revolutionize -- nay, Foolify -- the tired lottery monopoly. Features such as the Play Now, Pay Later" technology, and our BUDDIBonus! frequent player program came directly from our conversations with you -- the Fools on our Improve the Fool discussion board.

But most of all, we have you to thank for attracting nearly 10 million players to FOOLottery! today.

Thank you. This will be fun and extremely profitable.

Fool on!

David and Tom Gardner

MEDIA: Contact Fool VP of Lottery Media, Wallace Sanders (email: for availability or comment.