Wow -- 12 Million and Still Counting

Players are flooding FOOLottery! from all corners of the globe.

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We want to thank all of our members -- now, nearly 12 million players -- for what is the greatest product launch in The Motley Fool history. We made an offer of value. You saw it. And now this truly is becoming an offer that will change the world.

For many of us here, it's quite something to see the numbers we're seeing -- the response is almost scary. To many of you who are playing and also to the many who are not playing, thank you.

On a side note, we also want to announce the departure from our Board of Directors today of Roy Brewer, of Brewer Industries. Roy has served The Motley Fool ably and well over the years, and we are certainly disappointed by his resignation this morning but trust that he and his splendid wife, Hope, will find peace and happiness in retirement. Thank you, Roy Brewer.