Please, STOP Playing

FOOLottery!'s incredible success may also be its ultimate demise. Please help us.

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Dear Fools,

Given the unprecedented success of FOOLottery! on its first day, we never thought we'd be coming to you on bended knee and, regrettably, asking you to please, stop playing!

The brothers Gardner tell CNBC that they are now pleading with people to stop purchasing tickets.
The brothers Gardner tell CNBC that they are now
"pleading with people to stop purchasing tickets."

As you know, we've sold more than 15 million tickets. That's right... 15 million FOOLottery! tickets. You cannot fathom what that means for our charity partner, Bereft. It's ecstatic.

Unfortunately, the overload of buying has caused some technical glitches and has us in an anxious position. Therefore we must ask you to please, please stop playing.

We owe you an explanation.

Free ticket snafu
First, if you haven't received your free BUDDIBonus Tickets, we apologize. We were able to e-mail everyone on the referral list -- more than 63 million people at last count. Like you, they have played and will pay later. However, given the traffic jam on our e-mail servers, we have been unable to send you your free tickets. We'll iron out that glitch in future games. For businesses that don't thrive on community, this might lead to major legal action. Thank you, Fools, for understanding.

Unfortunate financial oversight
At this point, we have to level with you. The second far larger and, yes, unforeseen problem is the financial burden of the 110% payout. When we first came up with the idea for FOOLottery! some days ago, we really did dream of making good on our promise to pay out 110% of revenues. We assumed high volumes of ticket sales and the attending mass influx of customers into our other services would get us there, and our lenders at Third Federal as well as our auditor, Morris Hankel LLP, agreed with that thinking.

What none of us expected was that our promotions, promises and cutting-edge features like "Play Now, Pay Later" would result in a landslide of ticket sales on FOOLottery's first day.

Auditor Anthony Price at Morris Hankel now tells us that if someone actually wins this thing today, we'll have to pay out all the revenues, PLUS 10% on top of it all. We now estimate that 25 million tickets will be sold before the 4 p.m. drawing, and that means we'd have to come up with $12.5 million of our own money. That's right -- $12.5 million, assuming that money existed.

The ideal outcome
In light of all this new information, we have brainstormed several possible solutions:

  • Obviously, an angel investor could show up

We bet that there could be other possibilities, too. Your suggestions are welcome. We will be working all weekend on this.

Admittedly, what you are about to see below is an enticing link. By law (U.S. Gaming Code, USC Section 42 (3)c -- "Lottery operator must provide equal and open access, verbatim, on every public release, disclosure, or promotion of said solicitation of services offered"), we are obliged to show this to you one more time. But for the love of all that is good and Foolish, for our kids even, please do not act on it. Please stop playing today.

Come play FOOLottery! Free tickets for every friend you sign up! Pay us NOTHING now! Win up to $50,000 instantly!!!

Thank you for not clicking that link. Fool on.

Tom Gardner

David and Tom Gardner