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3:47 PM

Syndicate buying proceeds uninterrupted, and our chief revenue officer and chief financial officers have been tabulating the sums. This has become something so much more than we expected or, honestly, even hoped for.

Our 25 millionth entrant is Gwen DeMarco from Nesmith, Utah. Gwen will receive a bus ride to Fool HQ in scenic Alexandria, VA where she will have to the opportunity to wave at our building for three minutes.

3:12 PM

FOOLottery! has been blitzed by three separate syndicates buying up tickets. Our attorneys are reviewing the case, looking for precedents. Despite our request for players to do otherwise, the syndicate buying has now taken us up to 20 million tickets sold. Our most recent milestone winner is ChetCummingsEntryMacro7531. Chet will receive an hour-long phone call with the Gardner brother of his choice and one of the original Sound Blaster cards ever made, purchased on eBay.

2:28 PM

Guten Tag! Our latest winner is Wolfgang Knizia from Essen, Germany. Wolfgang is the 15 millionth person to play our lottery, which makes for an interesting situation because our database was only set up to accommodate 20 megabytes of entries, or 15,096,000. But the problem is under control, as we've reduced the font size of our entries from 12pt to 6 pt, allowing us twice the room.

Wolfgang will receive $312 and a dozen Omaha steaks courtesy of Omaha Steaks, because. . when you're looking for a steak, look no further than Omaha Steaks. Omaha Steaks. It's just like you were in Omaha...eating a steak.

1:27 PM EST
Bayano Kamali from Papua New Guinea is the 11 millionth person to play our lottery. Incidentally, Papua New Guinea is the 57th country to participate in FOOLottery!, making this the largest international lottery ever conducted. Did you know the official export of Papua New Guinea is prawns?

Once again, we're just blown away by the response to our first ever lottery offering, and we're overjoyed to reward as many people as we can. Bayano Kamali is no exception, and he or she will receive $1,400 in Fool merchandise.

1:12 PM EST
The Motley Fool has announced the hiring of Gary Hill, a new executive to lead the charge on accounts receivable.

12:47 PM EST
Eoghan McDunn of Kilkenny, Ireland is FOOLottery! player number 9 million. Wow. Eoghan will receive $8,000 and a lifetime membership to Rule Breakers. Way to go, Eoghan. It's been thrilling for us to see players from so many corners of the world. And co-founder Tom Gardner once had a Harp or two too many at Tynan's Bridge House Bar in Kilkenny. What a small world.

12:14 PM EST
Let's give a hand to our next lucky winner! It's Sally Cavanaugh, the 8 MILLIONth person to play FOOLottery! Sally, an avid skier and equestrian, is from Provo, Utah. She gave a shout that lasted a full minute over the phone. Sally will receive $75,000 in cash. Guess she'll be paying for her tickets!

Remember, you could be next. Check in here, and keep playing FOOLottery!

3:01 AM EST
We're off, globally!

Check back later for the first FOOLottery! winners. In the meantime, pass it on! (To a friend.)

We have our first milestone winner! Congratulations, RaeAnne Murdock YOU are our very first FOOLottery! player!

RaeAnne, a florist in Troy, Michigan, wins $50,000 in cash. She tells us she was up late on her lucky iMac. She says half goes towards college funds, and half to her local church. How Foolish!

Throughout the day, we'll be rewarding FOOLottery! players with rising cash prizes as they help us through significant player milestones. And don't forget to check back at 4 PM EST for our grand prize drawing. At this rate of growth, the prize is quite likely to be the largest in lottery history.

Our next milestone winner will come later this morning.

NOTE: In some areas of the country, tune in to NBC News. The Fool's Scott Schedler will be talking about FOOLottery!