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After a winter of aberrant snow and a spring of rain, we are sooooo ready for summer here on the East Coast. And as the vacation months officially kick off, what better way to celebrate them than an all-out stock barrage here on That's right, we're stocking up for summer.

The market was on a tear through the spring, but bear or bull, we're unwavering in our belief that stocks are the best place to grow your long-term savings -- they have outperformed all other asset classes for rolling periods of 20 years or more since the 1920s.

So, go ahead, make a splash with your investing cash this summer. We have all the tools you need to do just that:

Get a Broker
First things first. No one should overpay to invest. Find a broker that is low cost and suits your needs. You can do it right here online through our various partners if you like -- and get special offers like free trades or cash to open an account.

Beat the Market With the Gardners
A little more than a year ago, Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner rolled out a brand-new stock newsletter, Motley Fool Stock Advisor. In May, it was rated the #1 newsletter according to industry watchdog Hulbert Financial Digest, with annual returns currently exceeding 35% (vs. the S&P over the same year, which gained only 5.08%). Get the Motley Fool Stock Advisor Mid-Year Action Plan absolutely free right now.

With 13 of his 15 recommendations beating the market, Tom Gardner is launching a second, more focused newsletter -- Hidden Gems -- for investors interested in underfollowed, undervalued businesses. Join him for 30 days free as he focuses exclusively on smaller, more obscure companies that are generating heaps of free cash flow.

Use an Index Fund
We think you can beat the market, and our mission here at the Fool is to help you do just that. But there is nothing wrong with stowing your money in an index mutual fund or exchange-traded fund to match the market's return. By doing so, you'll still beat most of Wall Street's money managers.

It sounds silly to say that all month we'll be writing about stocks -- that's what we do 52 weeks out of the year. But here are a few spots to check every day and for more extended learning:

  • Home -- Whether you're looking for big names like Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), AOL Time Warner (NYSE: AOL), General Electric (NYSE: GE), and Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) or those smaller companies that don't grab the headlines, we update our main page all day long with market news and stock commentary that's important to your portfolio. (And our News page holds everything we can't fit on our main page.)

  • Investing Strategies -- Our Drip, Rule Maker, and Rule Breaker strategies offer Foolish ways to approach the market.

  • Investing Basics -- All you need to know to get started.

  • How to Value Stocks -- For more advanced investors trying to put a price on a company.

  • Commentary Archive -- Our Commentary archive is a treasure trove of investing wisdom waiting to be discovered. Look for work from our stock analysts: Jeff Fischer, Tom Jacobs, Bill Mann, Matt Richey, Mathew Emmert, Zeke Ashton, and Whitney Tilson.