10 Ways to Make Money Now  

10 Ways to Make More Money Now!

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For 10 years, we Fools have put our stamp on the financial world, all the while educating, amusing, and -- most importantly -- enriching. We hope you've had fun and improved your lot in life along the way. Of course, it's never too late to do better for yourself. In honor of our 10-year anniversary, here are 10 ways to make more money now.

1. Beat Back Debt
There are no two ways about it: If you are paying high-interest rate credit card debt, you will never get ahead. Get out of debt. If you don't carry a balance every month, then consider a way to get cash back from your credit card.

2. Inflate Your Cash Cushion
The only thing better than having three to six months' worth of expenses stashed away in safe savings -- just in case you need it -- is earning interest on it.

3. Protect Your Family
Get the insurance you need at the best prices you can find. Also, check up on your credit report (which everyone from lenders to insurers consult to set rates) and make sure there are no surprises or errors.

4. Make Your Home Work for You
If you haven't refinanced yet, you are missing out on rates that are at 40-year lows. Be leery of taking on more debt, but with home equity loan rates as low as they are, now could be as good a time as any to add on that roof helipad you've always wanted.

5. Max Out Your Retirement Accounts
Nothing can get you to your happy place in Tahiti like taking advantage of your 401(k) -- especially if your employer pays matching funds -- and contributing the full amount to your IRA every year. Learn more or open an account now.

6. Get Advice When You Need It
There's nothing like getting a second (or third or fifth) opinion on money matters whenever you need it. Fools have been doing that on our discussion boards for the better part of a decade now. Compare notes with those who have the same questions or with members who have been there, done that. Give our discussion boards a whirl (for free!) right now. Or if you prefer to talk to a pro, you can take a free trial with our TMF Money Advisor service. No question is too big or too small for the unbiased financial advisors on our phone lines. Membership includes access to all of our online seminars and use of an online financial-planning tool.

7. Grow Your Brain
More money often comes from more knowledge. You can learn on our discussion boards, or through reading Fool.com every day. Or take advantage of special offers for Fools with Investor's Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal.

8. Get a Better Broker
It's fast, it's easy, and could save you big bucks on the costs of investing. If your broker isn't everything you want it to be, find a new one.

9. Beat the Market
Our mantra for a decade has been this: There is nothing wrong with matching the market's performance by investing in an index fund. In fact, you'll beat the majority of actively managed mutual funds out there. But our goal as investors is to beat the market. We've been doing that handily in David and Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Since the newsletter's inception, our selections have returned a combined 39.32% vs. the 5.62% posted by the Standard & Poor's 500 over the same period.

10. Find Hidden Gems
If you are looking for underfollowed, undervalued businesses, our newest offering, Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Hidden Gems, is for you. Face it -- panning for gold is hard work. That's why we let Tom do it for us. Get in on the some of the most promising companies before Wall Street does.

Thanks, Fools!
Many thanks to all who have joined us one way or another over the past decade. Cheers for making Fool.com the best place to talk money and stocks on the Web. Check back often this month for Fool retrospectives and fun. Here's to the next 10 years!

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