Foolanthropy 2002
Our annual charity drive launches! A few of your dollars can save many lives.

The Motley Fool Community has raised millions of dollars for some amazing charities. Join us as we launch our latest annual drive. Help us raise a bundle -- to improve or save thousands of lives.

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By Selena Maranjian (TMF Selena)
November 26, 2002

If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. -- Bob Hope

Whether you're new to the Fool or an old friend, I hope you understand that the Fool is not just about helping you and me become more financially secure. Our ambition is broader than that. We would like nothing more than to improve the lives of everyone on this planet. Therefore, in addition to our constant financial focus, we also focus on lifting up the less fortunate. Our main vehicle for this is our annual Foolanthropy charity drive. 

Big potatoes
Foolanthropy isn't small potatoes. Consider the following approximate amounts we raised in previous years together -- you and us, the Fool Community and Fool staffers alike (it was mostly you, though):

  •    1997: $120,000
  •    1998: $200,000
  •    1999: $760,000
  •    2000: $770,000
  •    2001: $200,000 (estimate)

These sums total more than $2 million!

Better still, some of the charities we've supported have received some major gifts outside the scope of our drives, from people who were introduced to the charities via the Fool. These total around another $1 million. Grand total so far: about $3 million!

A new drive -- Foolanthropy 2002
We're not resting on any laurels, though. We hereby launch our latest Foolanthropy drive.

As we did last year, we've decided to stick with the same five charitable organizations we selected in 2000 -- organizations nominated by folks in our Fool Community. We're doing this primarily because we still love what these organizations do and how they do it. After our Foolanthropy Committee's research and discussions in 2000, we found these five organizations to be extremely efficient and inspiring. We feel the same way today.

We invite you to read more about them and consider donating at least a little money to one or more of them. We dare you to not conclude that each is unusual, fascinating, and astonishingly effective at what it does.

Our drive will run from today through Jan. 6. Please join us and chip in!

Meet the charities
Spend two minutes reading about each of these nifty organizations and see if they don't knock your socks off.

Consider donating to them -- even just a little
As usual, the Fool takes no cut of your donation. We invite you to donate directly to any or all of the charities. Please give as much as you'd like -- and know that even a few dollars would be greatly appreciated. You can donate in several ways:

Note: If you donate by credit card within a week or two of the end of the year, your gift may possibly be processed in 2003 and may end up counting as a 2003 gift, for tax purposes. So if this matters to you, plan ahead and perhaps donate early.

More information
What Foolanthropy is: What we look for in a charity and what characteristics make a charity Foolish.

All about donating stock: And how it can save you money.

Foolanthropy discussion board: Here's where you can share your thoughts about any charitable organizations (our five selected ones or others), and where you can ask any Foolanthropy-related questions. (Our boards are for subscribers only, but please pop in and try them via our painless free trial offer. No credit card required.)

Why we love our selected charities: Fool staffers and former staffers speak up.

Previous drives:

Foolanthropy 2001

Foolanthropy 2000

Charity researching resources
As with any companies we write about, we encourage you to give a close look at any charitable organization before investing your money in it. (That's right -- investing. When you donate your hard-earned money, why shouldn't you think of it as an investment? You're after a solid return, after all -- an improved world.) Here are some handy tools: BBB Wise Giving Alliance

BBB Wise Giving Charity Reports

GuideStar: The Donor's Guide to the Charitable Universe

It's Deductible! (guidance on donating goods)

Please participate
Thanks in advance to all of you who decide to chip in and participate! Even if you can only contribute a little, that's perfectly fine. We'd like as high a participation rate as possible, so please stand up and be counted. Join us -- let's see what hundreds of thousands of Fools can accomplish together!