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Foolanthropy 2003

Since beginning our Foolanthropy efforts in 1997, The Motley Fool and its members have raised more than $3 million for some extraordinary organizations. Join us in our latest annual drive and help us learn what it really means to "enrich."

Foolanthropy 2003
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Dear Friends,

Whether you're new to the Fool or a longtime friend, you know that each day here on Fool.com we do something that makes us truly proud -- we help you, our members, make better financial decisions. Together, we learn to manage our credit, select market-beating stocks, refinance a home, choose a financial advisor -- and about 1001 other things, too. But during the holidays each year we always add item #1002 by highlighting a special financial decision that many of us make this time of year -- the decision to invest in charity -- with our annual Foolanthropy campaign.    

Why shouldn't we think of giving to charity as investing? Every time you spend or share one of your hard-earned dollars you're investing it. Consequently our Foolanthropy program gives you a sound, Foolish philosophy to guide your giving so that you can get the greatest possible return. 

  • Foolanthropy seeks to fulfill the same mission as The Motley Fool: to educate, to amuse, and to enrich.
  • Foolanthropy expects.
  • Foolanthropy makes its finances transparent.
  • Foolanthropy creates sustainable solutions.
  • Foolanthropy involves the public at large.

In 2000, we were inspired by five special organizations that exemplify the Foolanthropic. If you're not already familiar with each one, please take 30 seconds and click the links below to see their fascinating missions and how they go about fulfilling them:

America's Second Harvest
Ending hunger with food rescue and job training.

Investing early in social entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas.

Grameen Foundation USA
Empowering the poor with small business loans.

Heifer Project International
Lifting people out of poverty with gifts of farm animals and training.

Lifewater International
Saving lives by bringing clean water to developing nations.

Our Foolanthropy drive will run through January 11. Thanks in advance to all of you who decide to join us in support of some great charities that will deliver dramatic returns on even the smallest investment. It may be an old clich�, but we join our Foolanthropy partners in assuring you that every little bit does help. Just think how astounding the results can be if each of us, more than 2 million members worldwide, gives just $1!

And in addition to what we give personally, The Motley Fool Inc. will also donate $10 for every investing newsletter (Hidden Gems, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, or Income Investor) purchased as a gift over these next four weeks. If you're interested in giving our market-beating advice to someone you love, you can make your selection here: Hidden Gems, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, or Income Investor.

Foolish best wishes for a very safe and happy holiday season, bringing much prosperity in the New Year!

David Gardner