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Foolanthropy 2004

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Foolanthropy 2004
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Charity Donation Totals (as of 1/15/05)
Canine Companions for Independence  $22,556
First Book $35,257
Habitat for Humanity International $16,362
Heifer International $60,516
Spirit of America $41,242
TOTAL $175,934

Foolanthropy seeks to fulfill the same mission as The Motley Fool: to educate, to amuse, and to enrich. The Foolish charity is able to jazz people, generate contagious enthusiasm, get the public-at-large psyched about what it's doing.

Foolanthropy expects. As Foolish charities frequently confer a sense of ownership upon those whom they serve, they naturally expect a lot back: They expect their beneficiaries to exert themselves, to try, to care.

Foolanthropy makes its finances transparent. Anyone giving to a Foolish charity can clearly see exactly where his money has gone, starting with a simple look at the financial statements.

Foolanthropy creates sustainable solutions. Foolanthropy is far more about giving a sustainable solution than it is about giving a piece of bread.

Foolanthropy involves the public at large.The Foolish charity can lay legitimate claim toward being epic in its grandeur, in the grandeur of its idea and of its mission.

A few of your dollars can save many lives.
The Motley Fool community has raised over $2,000,000 for some amazing charities. Join us as we launch our latest annual drive. Help us raise a bundle -- to improve or save thousands of lives.

Foolanthropy Discussion Board
We encourage our community to discuss any ideas, news, or thoughts on the topic of philanthropy, especially in terms of how it applies to Foolanthropy. We'd love to hear from you!