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As of January 9, 2007
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Like The Motley Fool, NFTE believes that when you take control of your financial life, you're taking control of your destiny. Our priority is the lives of young people in low-income communities and our method is entrepreneurship. We believe that learning to start a small business is an ideal way to instill confidence, foster self-determination, and teach life and leadership skills to young people who too often lack role models and access to opportunities.

An investment of just $500 can give a young person the chance of a lifetime. We hope that you'll consider giving to NFTE, and help us empower economically disadvantaged young people across the U.S. and around the globe.


NFTE teaches entrepreneurship to young people from low-income communities to enhance their economic productivity by improving their business, academic and life skills. We help disadvantaged youth identify their unique talents and interests and learn how to leverage them as assets in the marketplace. Our program gives young people a new vision for the future and a "yes, I can" attitude that helps them succeed in school, work and life.

Program Model

NFTE's entrepreneurship program:
  • Requires every student to create and present an original business plan
  • Reinforces math, reading and writing
  • Develops skills in critical thinking, teamwork, communication and decision-making
  • Covers topics such as return on investment, supply and demand, opportunity recognition, personal finance, cost/benefit analysis, sales and marketing, business ethics and taxes
  • Uses experiential learning such as field trips to local wholesale districts, selling events, interactions with local entrepreneurs, and participation in business plan competitions

Led by NFTE-trained teachers and youth professionals, NFTE programs are taught in public schools and community-based organizations. Volunteers and mentors are also essential they bring the real world into the classroom, connecting abstract concepts to real life situations and opportunities.


Since 1987 NFTE has:
  • Reached over 150,000 low-income youth
  • Trained more than 4,200 teachers and youth professionals

Today NFTE has:

  • Programs in 28 states and 13 countries outside the U.S.
  • An active corps of over 900 teachers
  • Over 30,000 students enrolled annually
  • 10 program offices serving Baltimore, Chicago, Fairchester (Westchester County, NY & Fairfield County, CT), Greater Pittsburgh, Greater Washington DC, Los Angeles, New England, New York Metro, San Francisco Bay Area and South Florida

Extensive research, including a current study by Brandeis and Harvard, is showing that NFTE motivates youth to learn and stay engaged in school, develop leadership skills and increase their occupational/career aspirations.

A donation to NFTE today is an investment that will have real and lasting returns tomorrow and beyond.

Donate to NFTE