Let Mardi Paw Straighten Out Your Finances

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By Carrie Crockett
February 20, 2007

Every once in a while, we like to check in on our former Foolanthropy picks for due diligence purposes, to see how they're faring, and just to say hello. We also look to expand Foolanthropy's reach beyond our end-of-year holiday season fundraiser as much as possible and help out however we can year-round. (For more information on Foolanthropy, The Motley Fool's 10-year-old online charity drive, click here.)

Fat Tuesday is a logical time to pop in and say hello to our friends at the Humane Society of Louisiana, which is currently hosting a "Mardi Paw" auction to help replace desperately needed funds in the absence of its "pre-K" traditional fundraisers. Now that many of its sponsors, volunteers, and adopting public have seemingly left the New Orleans area for good, fundraising has become unbelievably difficult, and annual events have had to be cancelled. But construction and real estate expenses in the city continue to rise, and the need to provide assistance to smaller, overwhelmed shelters in outlying parishes becomes more dire. 

Mardi Paw is this year's answer to these problems. Since HSLA's usual fundraising locale, the pet-friendly Hotel Monaco, has been shuttered for good, the auction is online this year, and the goal is very specific: HSLA hopes to raise $60,000 in urgently needed funds after twice having to cancel its "Art for Animals Auction and Gala."

But bidding doesn't stop with today's festivities. It continues through March 4, and new items are being added all the time. For instance ...

The Fool has done its part by donating a one-year bundle subscription to Motley Fool Hidden Gems and Pay Dirt, a $948 value. Because of its incredible popularity since its inception last month, Pay Dirt has been closed to new members. But the winner of this auction will get the VIP treatment without having to spend time on a waiting list.

In addition, we've also donated a one-year subscription to our new international investing newsletter service, Motley Fool Global Gains, a $399 value (to be posted to HSLA's catalog of items as soon as the parades and balls are over tonight).

So if you're interested in helping out the Humane Society of Louisiana while doing your finances a favor by bidding on one of these newsletters, getting into the Pay Dirt sandbox without waiting your turn, or raising the bid on that Blue Dog silkscreen you know you've always wanted (Blue Dog Relief is actually pretty cute and has helped raise $750,000 for rebuilding and recovery in NOLA), check out the Mardi Paw site.

Let the bidding begin! 

Online editor Carrie Crockett does donate to HSLA, and she's also helped out volunteering for them.  The Fool has a full disclosure policy. Carrie was co-chair of the Foolanthropy 2005 and 2006 campaigns. Just in case you haven't had enough of animals parading around in costumes, check out this year's Mystick Krewe of Barkus site.