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Foolanthropy 2003
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Hunger in America is not a myth:

  • 11% of Americans are hungry or at risk of hunger.
  • 1 in 4 people in a soup kitchen line is a child.
  • 39% of emergency food recipient households have at least one adult working.
  • 35 million Americans are unsure where their next meal will come from.

America's Second Harvest is leading the fight to end hunger. With its network of more than 200 food banks and food-rescue organizations, it helps feed more than 23 million Americans annually, including 8 million children. It secures donations of food and grocery products and helps get them to hungry people across America.

Of emergency clients served by America's Second Harvest, between about a third and a half report having to choose between buying food and paying for utilities or heat, medical care, or rent or mortgage payments. (Meanwhile, more than 260 million pounds of food are thrown away in America every day - 96 billion pounds every year!)

America's Second Harvest's operating efficiency was cited in the last four editions of Forbes magazine's annual charitable giving evaluation, which gave America's Second Harvest a charitable commitment rating of 99%.

Graduate with ChildThe organization's programs include the wonderful Community Kitchens, where underemployed people are trained in the culinary profession. They learn valuable kitchen skills as they prepare rescued surplus food, turning it into balanced meals that are served to people in need. (One nifty benefit is that the rescued food is stretched to feed more people. For example, instead of a pot roast rescued from a hotel feeding just a few people, it can be mixed with pasta into a casserole and sent to a battered women's shelter to feed many.) At the end of each student's three-month training program, program staff members help students find stable jobs and provide long-term support.

Every $1 donated to America's Second Harvest can secure 28 pounds of food and groceries for those in need.

The need is real. America's Second Harvest's goal is nothing short of ending hunger in America. Please join us as we help them reach their goal.

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