Foolanthropy 1999
Weekly Update #6

By Selena Maranjian (TMF Selena)

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Jan. 5, 2000) -- Wow.

After collectively raising $120,000 in 1997 and more than $200,000 in 1998, we dared to dream of raising $500,000 in 1999. Well, dreams come true. This one did, in a big way. We're still awaiting final tallies from each of the five organizations for which we raised money, but we do know that we passed the $500,000 line. Here's an interim reporting, as of today:

Foodchain:                       $157,555
Grameen Foundation USA:          $148,945
Heifer Project International:    $177,715
Make-A-Wish Foundation´┐Ż:          $51,913
Polycystic Kidney Research:       $46,533

TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS:             $582,661
Thanks, everyone, for opening your hearts and your wallets. Together we'll be accomplishing a lot of good in the world.

Stay tuned for a final update in a week or two, with even bigger numbers.

P.S. If you find yourself in charity withdrawal now that our drive has ended, visit the following site and bookmark it: It's most Foolish. Click over there once a day, press the "Donate Free Food" button, and advertisers will pay for several cups of food to be sent to the hungry. All you have to do is click and someone else will donate money for you -- how clever is that? Tell your friends about this site, too -- it's been generating as much as a million cups of donated food per day!


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